Pack Leaders litter

Btw Black Wolf Akka x Tiguaq’s Pok Nathey

Health results:

HD:A, ED:0, eyes clear, PN non carrier (free by parents), excellent overall health.

Show results:

Excellent and best female at international show in Pitea 2019.

Working results:

-Many mid distance tourist tours as leaddog at Laplands Wolftrail in season 2017-2018.

-Vildmarks racet 2019. (120 km, total time 10 hours 53 minutes 42 seconds)

– 1962 km trainings kilometer in season 2017-2018

– 1947 km trainings kilometer in season 2018-2019

– 1988 trainings kilometer in season 2019-2020

Tiguaq’s Pok Nathey (Bill). Breeding male born 15/10/2014. Swedish kennel club registration number: SE38459/2016. Owned by us. 61 cm at shoulders, 30 kg. Hips: A, Elbows: 0, Eyes clear, PN: free by parents.

Working trotting speed 10-18 km/hour. Non aggressive male, runs in swing or lead. High drive. Good feet. Good trotter. Good worker. Finished 300 km at the Gold Rush Run 2017 and in 2018, Vildmarksracet 120 km 2019 as leaddog.


Born 28/08/2020

2 males and 3 females