High Spirit litter


Back To Work Long Distance Gallop  x   Stensåsens Snow Dogs Ravn


The high spirit Litter. Mother Chitta (Back To Work Long Distance Gallop) Registration number: SE48188/2014) 57 cm tall, 28 kg. Health results: HD: A, eyes clear, ED: O Temperament: Good temperamented and social dog, sweet to people, neutral towards other dogs (not dominant, not submessive and non-agressive) Selfsure and outgoing female. Working results: Mid distance. She did the mid distance training and some tours last autumn and winter at Laplands Wolftrail . She shows high will to go, high working drive, very good trotting, strong gallop as well when asked, focused worker, also uphill and in deap snow. Father Ravn (Stensåsens Snow Dogs Ravn) Registration number: SE51651/2010. About 60 cm tall, 30-32 kg Health results: HD: A , eyes clear, ED:0, PN free. Temperament: high energy dog, tollerant to humans and other dogs and non agressive nature. Selfsure and outgoing male. Working results: Many years mid distance tourist tours at Huskytouren. Femundslöpet 600 km / 2013. Polar Distans 160 / 2015 Best B-team
Finnmarklopet 550 km / 2016 Best PB team. Finnmarkslopet 1000 in 2017.
Works mostly in swing or lead. Ravn is living and working at Noatak kennel Sweden.


8 offsprings born 28/08/2016

1 male and 1 female stay at our kennel. All others found a home at other Alaskan Malamute kennels and/or mushers around Europe. Health results, working results and eventually show results will follow as soon as they appear.

BtW High Spirit Ravn: Callname: Ravn.

If you think about a high energy dog, than Ravn definatly is, so High Spirit Ravn is a pretty correct choosen name for him. In the dogyard he lives with 4 other males 24/7 and never create problems even though he is loud, pushy and tough he avoid confrontations.

In body he’s a nice type, very good proportions in body lenght/legg lenght, not too long neither too short leggs. He’s 62 cm tall and about 36 kg. Correct angulated in rear and front. In team he usually runs in swing possition, but he can also run in lead. Next season I will train him as command leaddog. He’s an excellent trotter, powerfull but not extremely fast, let’s say a good malamute speed around 12 km/hour in the long run. His trotting range is between 6 and 15 km/hour.

He was sellected for my Finnmarkslopet team 2019, but unfortunatlt had to cancel the race due to a serious car accident.

If I would have just 1 word to discribe him , than that would be ‘ impressive’.

Health results:

Hd:A, Ed:O, eyes clear.

Working results:

– Vildmarks racet 2019. (120 km race, total time 10 hours 53 minutes 42 seconds)

– 2022 trainings kilometer in season 2018-2019

BtW High Spirit Knotte:

Knutte is pretty much the same type of energy dog as her brother Ravn. Also her social behaviour is similar, tough, pushy but avoiding confrontations at the end. She also runs in swing possition mostly, sometimes in lead. In the dogyard she lives with 2 other females. She’s an excellent trotter, in speeds between 7 and 15 km/hour. In the long run her speed is about 10-12 km/hour. Knutte is about 57 cm tall and 27 kg. Good proportions and angulation and a bit lighter build malamute female.

Health results:

Hd:A, Ed:O, eyes clear

Show results:

‘Very Good’ at the alaskan malamute specialy show in November 2017

Working results:

– Many mid distance tourist tours at laplands wolftrail in season 2017-2018

– 1949 trainings kilometers in season 2018-2019 and selected for the Finnmarkslopet racing team.