Co-owned stud males

Cahppes Icy White Chappo (johnny)


Pedigree: (klick stamtavla)

Health results: HD:A,ED:O, eyes clear, pn clear. 2 testicles.


BtW High Spirit Ravn (Ravn)

If you think about a high energy dog, than Ravn definatly is, so High Spirit Ravn is a pretty correct choosen name for him. When he lived with us he lived with 4 other males 24/7 in the dogyard and never create problems even though he is loud, pushy and tough he avoid confrontations.

In body he’s a nice type, very good proportions in body lenght/legg lenght, not too long neither too short leggs. He’s 62 cm tall and about 36 kg. Correct angulated in rear and front. He’s a born leaddog.  He’s an excellent trotter, powerfull but not extremely fast, let’s say a good malamute speed around 12 km/hour in the long run. His trotting range is between 6 and 15 km/hour.

Health results:

Hd:A, Ed:O, eyes clear.

Show results:

Got a ‘very good’ at national show in Piteå 2018. He was 2.5 years old so he needed to mature still.

Working results:

– Vildmarks racet 2019. (120 km race, total time 10 hours 53 minutes 42 seconds)

– 2022 trainings kilometer in season 2018-2019


Other info:

Pedigree: (klick stamtavla)

Back to work Mid summer ravn junior

Health results: HD:A, ED:O

Pedigree: (klick stamtavla)


BtW Lapland Lowlands Jack

Health results: HD:A, ED:O , 2 testicles

Pedigree: (klick stamtavla)


Health results: HD:A, ED:O, eyes clear, 2 testicles.

Pedigree: (klick stamtavla)