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Noatak’s fabolous Akka du Prima x   Cahppes Exploring Of Chikuminuk

Noatak’s Fabolous Akka Du Prima. Callname: Akka. Skk registration number: SE50008/2016

Akka is a daughter of Joki but bred at Noatak Kennel. Some words to discribe her: high energy, friendly to people and all other dogs, fantastic trotter in speeds between 6 and 18 km/hour. Leaddog, 59 cm tall, 30 kg. Nice body with good proportions, though a bit lighter boned and smaller head compared to her massive body. Well angulated in both rear and front. High working drive.

Heath results:

Hd:A, Ed:O, eyes clear, PN non carrier, free by parents.

Working results:

-Many mid distance tourist tours as leaddog at Laplands Wolftrail in season 2017-2018.

– Gold Rush run 300 km race 2018

-Vildmarks racet 2019. (120 km, total time 10 hours 53 minutes 42 seconds)

– 3108 km trainings kilometer in season 2017-2018

– 2048 km trainings kilometer in season 2018-2019 and was sellected for my Finnmarkslopet racingteam

– 1986 km trainings km in season 2019-2020

Born: 2016-03-05
Eyes: clear
Hips: A
Elbows: 0
DNA test PN (polyneuropathy): Normal (does not carry the gene)
Workingtests:  Several DP 60 price 1
​100+ 1:st price, Beaver Trap Trail
​Vildmarksracet 120 km 2018 and 2019
Ammaq is a very easy boy, he has a really grate language with all kind of dogs, also with males and no troublemaker at all.  He has grate workingdrive also in lead but most often in swing. he is always happy and is that kind of male that has endless energy in the workingteam.



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When booking a puppy we ask a downpayment of 15 to 30 % depending on if the puppy stays in Sweden or goes abroad.

When not enough puppys of the sexe of your choise are born or your puppy dont come through the health check at 8 weeks you have the right of a full refund of the downpayment.